The Men Training Bible: A Guide to Bodybuilding for Men

Guide to Bodybuilding for Men

Bodybuilding is extreme training that requires complete consistency and dedication. You cannot possibly think of losing interest after a few days and expect the results. It requires exercise, a diet plan, and lifestyle change. Where most people keep talking about a strict protein diet, others find themselves struggling with strength building. We all know that by starving or limiting the food intake, your body will lose strength. For bodybuilding, you need to keep your body energized so that you can work for longer hours without feeling low. According to most people, the most fun thing about bodybuilding is the food portions. You can eat as much as you want and you can simply adjust the calories with the help of the workout.

According to Michael b Jordan, he has an extreme routine of 6 meals per day with 3 liters of water and 3 hours of workout. He also mentioned that his workout routine along with his food and overall lifestyle is so tough that it leaves no room for negativity. Overall simple lifestyle changes are considered equally important because you cannot live a passive life. Bodybuilding is not only good for physical health, it improves the overall look, boosts confidence, and eventually helps with mental fitness as well. Overall, it is a complete package but if you look at a simple routine, you will see that there are no hard and fast rules of bodybuilding. Things that are considered good for one body type are not considered good for others. Gender, age, lifestyle, weight, body strength, and food intake also play a very important role. Someone who is already very lean might have to increase the food intake whereas people who are overweight can follow the same amount of food intake with simple changes in the nutrition value of food.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know everything in detail about bodybuilding. From simple diet changes to extreme workout routines, we have listed everything that can help a beginner become the best in body-building games. You just need to focus on your current lifestyle and make changes accordingly.

The Body Building Time

For a beginner, the daily time of workout is very important. Most people will keep asking about how many hours are good for training. Professionals explain that it is not just linked with the training your age, weight, and metabolism rate also play a very important role. People with a better metabolism rate do not need to work for longer hours, however, when it comes to people with a slow metabolism, it is better to work for longer hours. Most professionals will tell you that it all depends on the training splits. You need to start with dividing the workout routine into upper body workout and lower body workout. For the muscle, the main focus needs to be on the pus and push motion of the muscles. Overall workout schedule should be formulated in a way that you can work for just 5 days per week. With that, you will have two days left for healing so that your body can regain the power.
Where most professionals believe in following a workout recipe, others think that customization is the best option. For the workout, you need to start with a workout plan that fits your lifestyle. If a hardcore double split is not a good option for yourself, you need to find something that fits your lifestyle. Some professionals believe in isolation training that focuses on each muscle group together. On the contrary, some workouts have combination training with the aim to engage the whole body.

For the frequency, start with a five-day cycle and then try to focus on a certain muscle group. On the sixth day, you can change the workout completely. Some people intensify the workout routine on the sixth day. For the overall workout, you can start with one hour to around 90 minutes. For each session, you can have customization options according to your focus muscle.

Best Bodybuilding Workouts

For bodybuilding, you need a combination of different exercises. One of the basic combinations will consist of strength building, others will help you bulk up whereas some will only help you improve your metabolism. Overall, you need a combination that will help you work on your whole body so that it can complement your body structure. Simple strength-based exercises that will help you bulk up a little will include squats, pushups, bench press, shoulder press, and deadlifts. However, they are simple exercises that will only get you ready for the bodybuilding workout. For beginners who are still struggling to figure out the best workout routine, here are some of the best exercises. For these exercises, you will need some weight-based equipment so you cannot perform these exercises at home.

Wide grip pull-down

This is a simple exercise that will require you to grip the bar with your hands and you need to bring it down your shoulders. The main focus of this is to spread your palms but do not yank it down, instead take your time and let your muscle feel the heat. For the frequency, you can complete 3 sets with 12 reps only.

Bent-over row

This exercise requires a good technique because you will be lifting the weight while your back is not straight. This means that you might end up injuring yourself if you do not maintain your balance. You need to start by handling the barbell with your hand and then push the hands as wide as the shoulder. Keep the knee bent a little and then lift the weight up. The aim is to push it up towards your chest and return it to the starting position. For the frequency, you need to complete 3 sets of 12 reps.

Dumbbell lateral raise

These exercises are great for shoulder strength. For this, you need to grab the weight and then lift it like a bird. Most people struggle to lift the weight and even cause an injury. However, if you practice the technique this will become very easy. For the frequency, you can complete 3 sets and 12 reps of this. Just make sure your arms are straight on the side when you lift the weight otherwise you will feel straight and burn in your back muscles.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that bodybuilding is quite extreme as compared to most of the exercises and diet plans that people follow. You are not looking for ways to lose weight, instead, you will be putting on weight. Apart from this, the overall metabolism rate is different for every age and gender. For most people, a simple workout session might be good whereas, for others, you might need to step up your game. It all comes down to professional supervision because the workout in this condition is very important. Most people work very hard and keep pushing their body limits. This eventually leads to muscle strain which can result in injury and permanent damage as well. This guide will provide an easy guideline however, this cannot be used as a substitute for professional advice.

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