Best Chest And Back Workout For All

Exercising is the best thing to start your day. One can also start his or her day with yoga or jogging in the morning. The perfect time for exercising is in the morning and in the evening. Exercising is a healthy process to be fit and energetic. There are many exercises especially for the chest and for the back. These exercises help you to decrease your joint pain and back pains also. This chest and back workout exercises are mainly for all, you can choose any of the chest and back exercises according to your comfort level.

Few Chest And Back Workout For A Beginner

For a new beginner who wants to start a chest and back workout routine in the morning or in the evening, he or she can starts with these exercises. The chest workouts help us in many ways from building up the muscles or to burn the extra fat in our body. It helps us to give relief from all the pains in our joints. The back exercises help to give permanent relief from our back pains. A few handfuls of exercises are there which give the best results from these chest and back workout exercises.

1. Chest Workouts:

We will start with the chest workout first. One thing you have to keep in mind that when you are doing the chest workout it will focus only on the chest of your body. This exercise is all about the chest portion, not the shoulder. The best chest exercises are –

A) Chest press: This exercise is one of the best examples of the chest workout. At first bent, your legs slightly, take a rubber band and hold it with your hands. Your legs should be together in one position and abs will be tight. Try to squeeze the chest muscle and stretch your hands. Your shoulder will be close to the armpits. After that pull the band with your hands forward and then return to the previous position.

B)Pectoral decline Fly: Hold the band with your hands close to your hips. Step forward with one leg. Then pull the bands with your hand’s power and release them. Your elbow should be slightly bent to your body. Do this exercise at least 10 to 12 reps and take rests for 15 seconds. This chest workout is recommended by a large number of people.

2. Back Workout:

The 2nd workout is for the back. In this category the number of exercises is many. But most the people choose the best effective exercises which help them to lighten their back pains. The popular back workouts are-

CloseElbowRows: Take a position of one leg forward and the other one in the back. Keep the band under your feet. Your knees will slightly bend over the hips and back will be straight. After that bring the bands as close as to your waist and keep the elbows close to your body.

Seated Rows: This is one of the most favorite back workouts for most of the people. For this exercise again you to need a band. Placed them or wrapped the band around your feet. Take the bands in each hand and palm facing to each other. Your arms will be fully extended in your over the legs. Then slowly bend yourself at the elbows and the band to the chest level.

Reverse Fly: In this particular back workout, your back should be straight and core will be tight. The knees need to be bending slightly. Then bring the arms forward and backward and your arms and back will be straight.

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