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At-Home Boxing Workout for Women That Needs No Extra Prep

Boxing has been a male dominant combat-based game for a very long time. We have seen boxing stars to be bulky, strong, and powerful men but when it comes to women, we hardly see women representation in boxing. However, with the current safety situation, women are now becoming more and more interested in combat games. According to a recent survey, just after the announcement of the #metoo movement boxing industry has seen a visible hike in popularity. This hike in popularity is not just limited to learning boxing as a skill but also in buying and selling boxing-based equipment.

Women are trying to use boxing maneuvers for day-to-day self-defense. Since boxing is a functional exercise and helps in increasing endurance, strength and helps movement, it is known to be an ideal exercise to help you get in shape. Most people report that they have lost a significant amount of weight within the first three months of their boxing training. The main reason behind this is that boxing helps in engaging the whole body. Not only is your core generating the energy but you are also using your shoulder and arms to transfer that energy. With that, your feet are also in motion so you are burning a significant amount of calories through footwork as well. Overall, boxing is not just a great method of self-defense, it is also an excellent exercise.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about the benefits of boxing for women. You will also be able to know how you can practice boxing at home without investing in heavy equipment. With the help of this article, you will be able to practice boxing on your own without any supervision. This is specifically important for women who are planning to start boxing classes but want to test the waters first.

Where to Start?

Before jumping up straight into technical forms that you will be using, you need to start with simple exercises that will help you build stamina. We have seen that most people quit because they feel exhausted. As a result, if they have already invested in equipment, they feel like they have wasted their money. To make it easier you need to start with a simple one-week exercise and then for the next week, just increase the intensity of the exercises. After three continuous weeks of increasing the intensity, you will feel that your body is not getting tired like it used to. This is the time when you can finally start the boxing technical exercises.

Some of the best sporting exercises that will help you test the waters include:

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is great for footwork and it is a very interesting exercise that you can use for weight loss as well. Some people get a rope whereas, others just pretend that they have a rope in their hand. Both ways this exercise is great and it will make your shoulders and feet strong.


Push up is just like a plank but you need to move your body weight with the help of your arms. This will eventually help you strengthen your shoulders and arms and you will be able to throw powerful punches.

Battle Rope

The battle rope is great for upper body strength. All you need to do is start with a thick rope and tuck it somewhere equal to your waist. Some people also have a proper place to secure it with a knot. Now just bend your knees and think like you are chopping off things with the help of rope. This exercise is great for muscle building, arms, and shoulder muscles.


Plank is a great exercise that will help you work on your forelimbs as well as your hind limbs. You will be lifting your body weight on all fours and this will eventually help you strengthen the core as well. Overall, a plank is a great exercise for people who want to lose weight and also for people who want to increase their endurance.


Crunches help in engaging the core muscles and that is exactly where you will be generating energy. With the help of crunches, you will see that your belly muscles are stronger and no fat can hinder your exercises.

What to Learn?

For boxing your need to divide the overall body exercises into two main parts. The first part will help you work on your upper body strength and learning techniques whereas the second part of the exercise will help you improve your lower body strength. For boxing, you need to learn various kinds of punches. Some of the most important punches you need to learn include jab, hook, and uppercut. You need to learn all these punches individually and then practice them in the form of combinations. The second phase is the footwork which will help you improve your body balance as well as give your lower body enough strength that you can stay on your feet for a long time without getting tired.

Some of the best exercises for the at-home boxing workout include:


Shadow Boxing is great for helping to shuffle and throw powerful punches. Where most people get tired easily, shadowboxing will help you push your body for longer workouts. All you need is a pair of boxing gloves along with a punching bag and you can practice how to throw powerful punches on your own. As the punching bag moves, you need to adjust according to the movement of the bag and throw punches accordingly.

Speed boxing

Speed boxing will help you increase the speed of your upper body. Where most people practice how to avoid punches, speed boxing helps in increasing the overall speed that will eventually help the boxer in becoming aggressive in her punches.

Side by side run

Side-by-side running is a great way to help you gain balance in your body. You need to imagine that your body is trapped in a maze and the path is very narrow. Now move from extreme left to extreme right within that narrow path. You can limit the path by using hurdles like traffic cones or you can rely on marking the ground. Both ways are good enough and they will help you stay between the lines.


Football is an excellent sport that will not only help you increase your strength but will also help you strengthen your lower body. You just need to play football as you would in any game, however, some people try to practice football within a very limited space so they can practice body balance. This is great for helping you maintain your body balance while avoiding punches from the opponent.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, boxing is a full-fledged exercise. This will help you not only burn some extra calories, but this will also help you to learn self-defense. The best thing about boxing is that it has a very broad scope. People who find other exercises boring usually find boxing very interesting. For women who want to lose weight or want to get out the inbuilt anger, boxing is an excellent exercise. Overall, it is safe to say that boxing can be a life-changing event because it will help you choose a healthy lifestyle. Where most people fail to eat healthily, boxing will eventually convince you to eat healthily. For a young woman who is still struggling to find her confidence, boxing will be an ideal exercise.

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