Meditation Techniques That can Help You Heal Depression

The awareness of mental health is increasing every day. Many people are becoming victims of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and a lot more. You will also find many online tests available that states whether you have depression or not. Even though the tests are sometimes true, it’s best to undergo thorough clinical monitoring of a therapist who will help you in recovering from depression. One common method that every therapist, psychologist, and people suggest is to practice meditation. It’s been a scientifically proven fact and since the ancient time that meditation techniques help us know what is going on within. One becomes aware of the emotions he or she is going through.

In this blog, we have mentioned down a few techniques that can help you in healing depression. To find out more, keep scrolling!

Mindfulness Meditation

The first technique is mindfulness meditation. It’s the primary form of meditation also known as the mother of all the meditations. According to the experts, mindfulness meditation is all about becoming aware of one moment to the other.

When your mind starts distracting with the unwanted thoughts, you start bringing it with your breath. It helps you in coming to the present moment.

Breath Awareness Meditation

Among many forms or techniques in the meditation, understanding your breathing is most essential. Breath awareness meditation is also known as mindful breathing.

All you need is to do 15 minutes and focus on your inhaling-exhaling of breath. You don’t need to perform at any specific timing in any position.

It will reduce emotional stress and improve your mood.



Yoga is a world-famous technique to practice in healing depression. It consists of breathing techniques, physical postures, positions, and meditation.

You can perform various yoga positions under the guidance of a yoga expert. Unlike meditation, yoga might cause an injury if not performed in the correct way. Therefore, talk to a doctor and a qualified expert.


Did you know that chanting Om gives you inner peace and relieves depression gradually?

Well, chanting Om Mantra for a number of times by closing eyes in meditation position gives you calmness. Though it does not necessarily mean to chant Om, it could be any word that you feel good about.


Another famous meditation technique is called visualization. In this practice you sit down in an idyllic position, close your eyes and start imagining one happy picture about yourself.

Imagine a picture from the past moment when you were happy. Relive all those moments and later transform the negative words into the positive ones.

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