History And Myths Associated with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction ED or impotence is a prevailing issue faced by men across the globe. While the unhealthy lifestyle and deteriorating environmental conditions have aggravated the issue to the extent that in Australia alone almost 40% of the male population is affected by it. ED is not a problem of the millennial but a problem faced by men from centuries ago!


While ancient history tends to be vague with their accounts. Since 6 to 7 BC ED cases have been referred to from different parts of the world. All these ancient civilizations had different and rather interesting views regarding the reason for this issue. They also used unique antidotes and procedures to resolve the problem. Most of these solutions are dangerous and harmful and should not be tried.

Ancient Indians made women responsible for the men’s condition. According to them, this condition was a result of having a physical relationship with an incompatible woman. The remedies to restore erection involved the use; of a mixed spice and butter potion and the testicles of a goat cooked with different spices.

The ancient Arabs tried to resolve the issue by physical application of oil, specially made for the purpose of jasmine and other shrubs. While the Chinese considered this to be a result of the imbalance between both the partners. A potion made from twenty-two ingredients was prepared and used as a solution. You can also get help from Vialis Meds where every type of effective solution is available to remove ED problems.

Ancient Egyptians linked impotence spiritually with charms and acts of evilness. A thirty-seven ingredient potion was consumed to cure it. While physical penetration of baby crocodiles’ hearts was also used to restore firmness and break off the evil charm.

Ancient Greek considered it to be a result of childhood stress and anxiety, or due to an evil curse cast upon the woman.

History has been smeared with different theories and reasons cited by different civilizations related to erectile dysfunction. Till medical science came and brought forward the true reasons and cure of this issue


In this age of twenty-first-century myths related to ED continue to prevail and are accepted by many. The following are some famous myths along with the facts which negate them.

  • Myth 1: Erectile dysfunction is an age issue, it impacts the old men only.

The fact to bust the myth: Erectile dysfunction has a higher occurrence rate in older men; almost 60% of men over the age of 40 experience it in Australia. Yet this does not discard the younger generation and they can even be affected by it.

  • Myth 2: Erectile dysfunction is a problem with a predetermined condition and symptoms.

Fact:  ED is an individual disease; that is each case has its own symptoms and different occurrence; while some experience full ED others have a mild issue. In Australia almost 17% experience complete dysfunction, almost 20% suffer from mediocre symptoms while almost 25% feel trivial symptoms.

  • Myth 3: ED is caused due to psychological issues.

Fact: Mental issues like anxiety, stress, and depression some of the many reasons for ED. Other factors include physical issues, detrimental habits like alcohol consumption, and smoking. Underlying diseases like cardiac issues and diabetics may also become a reason for ED.

  • Myth 4: ED takes away the masculinity of a man

Fact: ED is a condition with a cure. Thus being embarrassed about it will not solve the issue. Almost 70% of men in Australia with prevailing issues deny talking about it to a professional.

Erectile dysfunction is still considered to be a taboo and source of shame for men, which further aggravates the issue and myths associated with it. Timely detection of the source accompanied by a healthy lifestyle can help alleviate the issue. buy viagra online Australia solution to remove the sign of impotency from your life completely.

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