Health Benefits Of 6 Types Of Pillows


Once you reach home after a hectic day, all you wish is to sleep. In order to have a peaceful sleep, many factors play a crucial role. One of them turns out to be having a comfy and soft pillow. Did you know that there are multiple types of pillows available? Moreover, it has its own benefits. Well, we bet you did not know much about it.

Worry not, if you are someone who is finding an ideal pillow for a good sleep and wants to know more about their benefits you are at the right place.

In this article, we have mentioned down about different types of pillows and its benefits. To know more about it, keep scrolling until you reach down!

1. Body Pillow

There is hardly anyone who does not love to cuddle. Hence, an over-sized pillow is an excellent option. Mostly the body pillows are larger than the 54 inches.


  • Supports your entire body while sleeping
  • Really helpful and comforting pillow for the pregnant women
  • Placed between the legs for hip and lower back pain support
  • The body pillow will not move around hence you can use it as a supporter as well

2. Memory Foam Pillows

The name itself suggests that loads of foam are added inside the memory foam pillows. It helps in improving the sleeping quality of the person and offers you more comfort than any other pillows.


  • Allows you to rest your shoulder and neck in the right position
  • Adjusts with your body throughout the night
  • Made from the polyurethane that adds volume and density to the pillow
  • The best option for the people having neck, shoulder, and back pain

3. Down Pillows

Down pillows are soft, fluffy, and gives you comfort. It is made of goose feathers. Due to which the filler in the down pillows is exceptionally soft.


  • Extremely fluffy but doesn’t offer much of lumbar support
  • Excellent cushioning, durability, and flexibility

4.Feather Pillows

pic2-Different Types of Pillows and Their Benefits

Again, the name itself suggests what the feather pillow means. In fact, the feather pillows are quite similar to the down pillows except that the feathers inside this pillow are of geese.


  • It’s fluffy and comfortable during the sleep
  • Difficult to maintain but lightweight
  • The feather pillows are small and highly curled

5. Polyfill Pillows

The one pillow that is filled with the polyester is known as the Polyfill Pillows. Sometimes, this pillow is also known as the microfiber or down-alternative fill.


  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Available at an affordable price
  • The best option for the allergic people as it is hypoallergenic

6. Latex Pillow

For anyone who is suffering from the allergies must go for the latex pillows. In fact, this pillow is a great choice for anyone.


  • Made from the 100% latex
  • Biodegradable and no harmful chemicals involved
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Gives you firm cushioning that molds your head

Having a good sleep is essential for good health. Therefore, one invests in good pillows, mattress, and many other things. In the above-written, we have jotted down about different types of pillows and their benefits. Follow them up and buy the pillows that suit you best.

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