Coronavirus: A Life Taking Disease Stepped In Human Race

All over the world, human civilization is going through a critical phase right now. A terrifying disease has come to this planet and stood in front of the human race. The name of this disease is coronavirus also named covid-19. Many people are getting affected by this disease and many people till right now meet with the ultimate situation of death. The doctors and scientists still figure out how to solve this disease. Without strong medical protection, we all are going to face a Hugh pestilence.

What Is Coronavirus?

As per the WHO’s information, coronavirus is a family of many viruses that lead us towards the illness like fever, respiratory problems, and gastrointestinal symptoms. This disease varies from animal to human and human-to-human. Since the last December of 2019, this new disease brings a global health emergency, affected almost more than 1 lack of people worldwide and snatches over three thousand people’s lives right now.

The name of this disease comes from the Latin word corona, which means halo. The coronavirus first identified by the Chinese authorities on 7 January and presently we named it covid-19. This new sprain in the past not been acknowledged in human beings. This infectious disease now spreads into the human-to-human body.

The Source Of Coronavirus

This coronavirus disease is a virus that spread among the animals with few of them also known to infect human beings. The bats are considered natural hosts of this disease most. However, there are some other species of animals also spread or source of the disease. For example, the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus conveyed to humans from camels. Moreover, the rigorous keen respiratory condition coronavirus passed on to humans from civet cats.

Even the Chinese authorities also say that this virus comes from the seafood market of Wuhan which brings this life taking virus. After entering it into the human body, it spreads like water in china. Besides China, this disease also affects the surrounding countries.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus

It makes the human body very weak and mild. The basic symptoms of this coronavirus are fever, sneezing, cough, breathing difficulties and shortness of breath, running nose, sore throat, headache, etc. sometimes it leads to pneumonia, organ failure, and even death. Mostly to recognize the disease it takes 14 to 15 days. Nevertheless, if someone is in his or her advanced stage then it can be noticed within 5 to 6 days.

How Dangerous Is Coronavirus?

Keeping in the mind the present situation of china, we can definitely call is a disease as dangerous. As of now, it snatches many lives of human beings. Out of ten people, four people are dying from this disease. There is no specific medicine or vaccination for the coronavirus. The virus gets into our body through many mediums. It can enter through the air, even by the touch of the unknown person and through the animals.

Who Are Affected The Most By This Coronavirus?

The virus mainly targeted the people who often get sick every now and then. Besides that from little kids to adult people, all are right now suffering from this life-taking disease. Moreover, in our daily life, we come to in close connection to many things that can affect our health. As many as days are passing, the horrifying side of this coronavirus gets open to us.

Basic Protection You Need To Take

To take care and protect you from coronavirus one has to follow these things, which I mentioned below in my discussion. Now let us have a quick look at how to avoid this virus.

1. Wash The Hands:

With the help of the hands, we put the foods into our mouths. If our hands will not be hygiene and clean then we will meet with various diseases not only this coronavirus. Try to wash your hands as much time as you can with soap and hand sanitization products. However, for me the handwashing products are more suitable then soaps. Even though you are using the soap, it is better to use that soap only by you, not anyone else. There are many products of hand wash products available on online sites, you can order them from there or can simply go to the shops to buy it.

2. Keep A Safe Social Distancing:

At least keep 1 meter of distance between yourself and with the person who has coughing and sneezing. Besides this thing whenever you are talking with someone, keep 3 feet of distance between both of you to save each other.  People who cough and sneezes, they should use small sprays to their nose and take medicines as prescribed by doctors.

3. Try to avoid Touching Mouth, Eye And Nose:

Do not touch your eye, nose, and mouth by your hands when it is not clean properly or hygienic. Hands touch many parts of our body, if once your hand contains the viruses then it will pass on to your body. Eventually, you will become weak and fall into serious illness. So whenever you are touching your body parts make sure your hands are clean.

4. Keep Practicing On Respiratory Hygiene:

Whenever many people are around you, try to talk with them by covering your nose and mouth with the help of tissues or handkerchief. The best way to protect yourself from the virus you can use the mask, which covers your entire nose, and mouth area.

5. Take Medical Care:

Try to stay in your home whenever you are feeling not well. If you are going through high fever, difficulty in taking breathing, cough, and sneezing problem them immediately you should consult with a doctor and follow all the directions as he or she prescribed to do. Because doctors have the most information about this virus and they know very well how to deal with this dangerous disease. So try to maintain all the things and keep yourself and others from affected free of this virus.

How To Protect Yourself From Virus Spreading Areas?

People, who are suffering from this disease and where this disease takes place, try to avoid going in those places. Even though people who are coming from abroad, try to keep maintaining a safe distance from them. Headaches, fever and runny nose are the symptoms of coronavirus. Besides this thing, if someone has the problem of breathe taking or respiratory, call the doctor or seek the advice. To have good health you have to maintain a hygienic lifestyle.

How To Save Yourself In Public Place?

Whenever you are in a public place or in a means of public transport, you should try to wear the mask or cover the face properly by clothes. At least maintain two or three hands of a gap between you and others. Try to avoid the most congested places and do not go out without your need.

How To Avoid The Virus In Work Places?

After coming from the home or from the outside places to your workplace, try to use or clean your hands and face with a good hygienic product. The rest of your office members should also use the same method to make them safe from any kind of disease. Even within the workplaces, we all should wear, the masks so that none breathes can fall on others.

How To Maintain Hygienic Atmosphere In House?

Make sure your all-family members are aware of this disease and the effective results of it. First and the most important thing are to do to keep neat and clean surroundings where you stay. Wash your hand as many times as you can. Keep maintaining a safe distance from the people who are suffering from fever and other illnesses. Use hand-washing products to clean your hand. Try to stay in the heat weather because in the warm weather the viruses died and cannot able to affect your health.

Tips For The Traveling To Protect Themselves

We all more or less, love to take a short break, from our daily life. However, keeping this situation in our mind we all should do those things which help us to not to get affected by this virus. We cannot the virus which remains in the air thus we should always try to wear a mask or cover the face with clothes. Whenever you are traveling outside try to keep hand sanitization products, wash your hands frequently and do not touch the eye, nose, and mouth without properly clean the hands. Those who are sick people or have fever try to maintain a safe distance. These precautions are very essential to avoid coronavirus.

Even traveling in the bus, train, and plane, there we can see many people come within a single place. We will not realize or understand, who is actually sick or having the virus inside of them. Therefore, it is better to take all the precautions to save ourselves from others.

How To Avoid Infection From Pets?

We all love Animals or pets. Thus, we love to have a pet in our houses. Nevertheless, recent researches said that coronavirus affects most the animals and from them, the virus spreads. Therefore I would like to suggest you all not to bring any new pets in your house and if you had already then gone to the nearest medical center and inject vaccination to their body to protect both of you and your family too.


Therefore, above all of this discussion about coronavirus and the present situation, keeping in the mind we all should aware of others to protect themselves. Try to help other people to be conscious and maintain all the precautions. It is a critical time that took more than six thousand people’s life. if we neglect the precautions then eventually we are inviting our deaths also.

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