Enhance the Beauty of Your Jawline with a Neck-Lift

Who doesn’t want to get rid of the turkey wattle they get due to aging? So, here is the solution for all those vertical bandings and as well as the horizontal creases appearing on the faces due to aging, i.e., a neck lift.

This surgery enhances the beauty of the neck as well as provides a person a jawline contour. Although this procedure often undergoes with the conjunction of a facelift, liposuction, and even a cheek lift. But one can also have it separately to get their hidden beauty back on the surface.

When is the correct time to get a neck lift?

There exists a various situation when a person might think of getting a neck lift, but the real considerations are listed down below:

  • If a person gets a turkey wattle, which makes a person look much older and age, then he is.
  • If a person feels that his neck is extremely fat.
  • If a person has lost the distinctive sharp jawline of their youth and wanted to restore it.
  • If a person starts getting wrinkles and excess skin on their neck.

Benefits of getting a Neck-lift:

There are so many advantages of getting a neck lift by a person; some of them are written down below:

  • This surgery can improve and enhances the sharpness of the jawline.
  • This can also be done separately, causing no other lifting procedures to come in the way.
  • This can also provide the person with an extremely youthful look.

How is this procedure performed?

Following are some procedures performed during this particular surgery:

  • At first, an incision is drawn by the surgeon exactly under the chin part of the face, and then it goes behind the ears, but also it depends on the procedure selected by the client and the surgeon.
  • After this method, the platysma muscles of one’s face are sewn and tightened together, exactly like the process of cinching the shoelaces together.
  • Then the excess fat and skin are trimmed carefully.
  • If required, then the tissues and the skin of the neck are removed and then positioned at some other parts of the neck.
  • Finally, the incisions are bound close, and then the whole wounds are bandaged by the surgeon.

Selecting a surgeon:

The candidate must look for the following criteria before deciding to go for this surgery:

  • The education of the surgeon along with the certificates he owns.
  • Next is about the training he had done to the point.
  • The third point is to check all the experiences a person owns for performing this neck lift surgery.
  • Then the last is to check the comfort level of the surgeon with that of the client.

The expectation from the surgery:

One must have a clear picture regarding the expectations of this surgery. This procedure lasts up to four hours, depending upon the complexity level of the surgery.

  • All the surgical procedures are first administered by the proper medications.
  • General Anesthesia is given to the patient during this surgery.
  • For one’s safety, there are other monitors placed inside the operation theatre to keep track of the blood pressure, heart rate, pulses, and the amount of oxygen traveling inside the body.
  • Them, the surgeon starts following the same procedure as told to the client.
  • After the whole surgery is one, the patient is taken to another area, a recovery area where they will be monitored closely enough.


After the whole surgery is done, the neck is bandaged because of the swelling and bruises. It must feel numb and tight since the starting. These bruising issues will be resolved soon due to the medicines, in the span of four to five days, but the feeling of numbness, as well as tightness, will remain for several months.

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