Unicirc a Quick and Effective Circumcision Surgery for Adults

Nowadays new and more improved devices and techniques have been developed so that the patients can experience Circumcision surgery under a relaxed environment and circumstances. All people are a little afraid of going under surgical procedure because of many reasons.

Importance of Circumcision Surgery for Adults:

Why do men prefer to have Circumcision Surgery for Adults? There are many reasons for it; some people single it out for cosmetic reasons and others for medical causes. Men just like women want to look attractive and they lots of efforts to do so. They think that beautifying the penis will increase their popularity. That is one of the reasons that they have the surgery.

But others have the procedure for medical causes. There are many diseases and disorders that can be cured through this surgery. It is helpful to reduce the risks of developing several problems like; penile dysfunctions, several diseases that are transferred through sexual activities, trouble with the foreskin, different types of cancer and many infections.

Why People prefer Painless Surgery?

Nobody in this world wants to feel pain in any case and especially when they are having surgery. Of course, pain is the major reason why patients prefer and ask surgeons to undertake this type of surgery. Others only have a psychological fear and to satisfy them the surgeons perform the painless surgery.

Unicirc a Quick and Effective Method:

Who amongst you don’t want to have a surgery which is bloodless, safe and no needle is used in it? Well, the answer is all of you and mainly when you want to have adult circumcision surgery. There are many devices and techniques that surgeons use but a new one has been the most effective. The unicirc device is the ultimate solution for painless surgery. Although the device looks complicated it can remove the foreskin and the procedure is completed within a day.

What device consists of?

It is a complex device with a basic three parts which is enough to complete the whole circumcision process. This whole kit is one-time use only which means that the surgeon can’t use the same device on several patients.

Measuring Ring:

A rectangular-shaped piece of thick paper with circular holes of different sizes is used for measuring the size of various penises.

A Transparent Tube:

A tube is attached to the main structure can be taken off to form a separate part of the instrument. This also is available in various measurements so that it can fit perfectly at the tip of the penis.

Plastic Instrument:

This is the main piece of device that consists of a metal plate at the base with two white plastic tubes with screws on it. Another small white plug is fitted in the middle where the transparent tube is fitted.

What is the Unicirc Process?

Surgeons all around the world and especially at Circumcision Center are trying to introduce new ways to perform the surgical procedure. They want it to be a swift, painless and sutureless so that the patients are feeling comfortable during the whole process. So a surgical procedure using the Unicirc device is safe. You must be thinking how then the process explained below will diminish all confusion.

  1. The very first step is to clean the penis with an antiseptic solution so that no bacteria or germ is on the organ. Be careful to apply a generous amount to be sure that it is sterilized.
  2. Although any type of anesthesia can be used the surgeons prefer a topical one. It is in the form of a cream which has an instant effect and numbs the penis immediately. It takes relatively less time as compared to other types.
  3. By using the rings measure that size of the penis correctly. The ring must fit perfectly; neither too loose nor tightly. It must adjust entirely in the ring that is appropriate.
  4. The transparent small tube comes on the tip of the penis till where you want the skin to be removed. This device protects the penis from all damages.
  5. Once the tube is placed; it is time to stretch the skin on the tube so the extra skin is measured that is to be removed.
  6. Now the main tool is placed carefully on allowing the extra skin to slide on the transparent tube. When you are sure of the length of skin to cut off then it is time to tighten the two screws enough so that the blood circulation cuts off.
  7. The surgeons have to wait for 5 minutes before removing the device. But more time can also be required as many skins are thick. When the surgeons are sure that the skin is prepared for removal only then they cut off the excess skin with the help of a surgical
  8. The surgeons are very careful when removing the whole device. Although the penis is all the time protected but damage can be done while the removal of the tool, so the doctors take their time.
  9. Circumcision Surgery for Adults is a no different surgical procedure and needs healing time. Tissue adhesive is applied and then it is taped so that the cut skin heals completely and afterward looks like a part of the penis.

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