9 Reasons to Take Care of Feet

Healthy feet make for a better life, but when they are hurting or not taken care of properly, it can wreak havoc on simple tasks that you complete every day. Think about how awful it would be if you couldn’t get from the couch to the kitchen for a drink without suffering in pain from unhealthy feet. That’s why it is essential to always take care of feet. Don’t wait until they are bothering you to pay attention. These are just a few of the reasons why you need to pay attention to your most important mode of transportation all the time.

1. Improve Circulation

Your feet take a pretty severe beating every single day. You are stuffing them into high heels or uncomfortable work boots and putting all your body weight on them for eight hours or sometimes more each day. When you do that, they are forced into an unnatural shape, and the blood flow is restricted. With the decreased circulation, you will start to feel pain and tension in your legs. Every day, take care of feet and give a bit of break by letting them breathe. Walk around barefoot. Massages and foot soaks are also nice if you have the time to really pamper yourself.

2. Lead to Back Pain

If your feet are hurting because you aren’t wearing the proper shoes, there’s a high probability that the pain is going to spread to your back. Your posture will suffer as well, and your entire body will go out of alignment. Instead, you have to be sure to wear shoes that support your feet and your body. Go ahead and spend a little extra on some that are made to keep you comfortable. You will realize instantly that it’s worth the investment.

3. More Prone to Infection

The feet are the sole part of your body that spends so much time on the ground. You’re always in contact with dirty environments, so your feet are more likely to be contaminated by bacteria, dust, and other impurities that lead to infection. When you are bathing or showering, don’t forget to take the extra time to wash all the surfaces of your feet carefully. If there are any open cuts or wounds, pay particular attention to those to ensure they are completely sanitized so that you aren’t opening yourself up to fungal infections.

4. Staying Active

Exercise and daily physical activity are vital to your overall health and well-being. When your feet are causing pain or discomfort, you aren’t going to get up and move around as you should. Without burning calories, you are more likely to gain weight which can lead to even further ailments such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

5. Skin Problems

Athlete’s foot, corns, calluses, warts, and psoriasis are all common skin issues that arise when feet aren’t properly cared for. There are plenty of others, and each can lead to significant health matters. Properly cleaning and caring for your feet to ensure these don’t surface is an essential part of your regular self-care regimen. If you are dealing with a skin problem, you should see a doctor or podiatrist right away to get it cleared up.

6. Toenail Discomfort

You probably don’t think about your toenails all that much, unless you are polishing them up for sandals and the summer season. The only other time your toenails are brought to your attention is when they are bothering you. By then, you might already be suffering from an ingrown toenail or fungus. Each can cause swelling, redness, irritation, and pain. Trim your toenails regularly and protect them from injury to prevent these uncomfortable conditions.

7. Balance

Your body is balanced by the weight you put on your feet. If one or both of them have been affected because of a lack of care, you run the chance of becoming unsteady. When walking or moving around, you are more prone to stumble or fall which could lead to cuts, scrapes, or even broken bones.

8. An indicator of Health Issues

A lot of times, your feet are the first sign that something is going wrong somewhere else in your body. Discolored feet or toenails indicate that you are having circulation issues that can point to arthritis or diabetes. If your feet are in good health, you will be able to quickly realize that there is a more serious issue going on and you can visit a doctor right away to get proper attention to keep it from getting any worse.

9. Care with Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health issue, and when you have been diagnosed with it, your feet have trouble healing as fast as they should. It’s essential that you do regular foot checks yourself at home and see a podiatrist regularly to make sure that they are in good shape. When problems do surface, expect to have a more aggressive treatment plan put in place to cure it than someone who doesn’t have diabetes.

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