Gynecologist: Why Should You Visit One?

Not every female is comfortable with an appointment with an obstetrician or gynecologist. But as a woman, you should pay to find time to meet her even if there are minor issues. But what are they, let’s find out:

For Health Check

It is advised by the numerous studies that women starting the age from 13-15 to visit an obstetrician. With so many gynecologists in Delhi, you can easily find one online. Such a visit often includes getting the vital signs, determination of the mass index of the body, palpating of the abdomen and assessing the overall health. In some cases, it includes a pelvic exam and clinical tests as well. All these tests are done to make sure that nothing serious is going in your body.

During Pregnancy

Obstetricians play a significant role in the pregnancy and delivery of the baby. The moment you get the feeling that you are pregnant, you must visit a gynecologist.  If you are not convinced about the service offered, you should consult another gynecologist. It is fine as long as you are comfortable but there is a risk of losing the data and also the relationship that you have built by going somewhere else.

Menstruation Issues

Do you have issues and concerns that relate to your menstrual cycle? It is crucial to make an appointment with best gynecologist in Delhi. If you ignore the problem then there may be reproductive issues later on as well. If the periods have stopped and they have become irregular, last for long or there are some other issues then you should immediately get in touch with obstetrician and gynecologist immediately in great detail. If you are more specific, it is better.

Breast Checkups

If you are a woman above 40, it is recommended that you meet a gynecologist rather regularly. If you have any history of breast cancer, then you need to go for the exams early. A vast majority of women over 40 years of age get the checkups done from a gynecologist. But there are too many females who don’t go for the checkups and if you are amongst those, you should search for a gynecologist before getting mired in any problem.  The research shows if the problem is detected earlier, then there are better chances of treatment.

Pelvic Tests

It is suggested that women aged 21 years and older should get an annual pelvic exam done. If you are facing problems with menstruation, vaginal discharge, infertility or there is a pain in the pelvis, you should get the pelvic tests done. If there is abnormal bleeding, or there are signs that there is vaginal discomfort, you should immediately see a gynecologist.

Pap Smear

If you want to ensure that there are minimal health concerns, you should opt for Pap smear every 5 years.  It is as smart as a breast exam. While it seems to be simple but not many women go for it. It’s when they are too late; they regret not going for it.


Visiting a gynecologist is even more important after pregnancy as you need a lot of care. Besides, you may want to remain in control of unwanted pregnancies so you need to learn about contraception as well. A gynecologist can share a lot of options that you can implement to get the desired results.

In the End

These are just some of the issues that you need to pay attention to before you visit a gynecologist. Pay attention to her experience, and reviews to decide.

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