Daily Chest Workout Routine For A New Beginner

Health is very important to us. Health is not about the only body but the whole body and mind. If our mind is free from the stress eventually we will be free from many diseases. Health is like possession to us. It is very important to be fit and healthy. To make our mind free and fresh we should do exercises every day. If you want to maintain a proper healthy life then every day in the morning you should go for a walk, or join in yoga classes or in the gym. There are many exercises for the body. But for a new beginner, he then starts with a chest workout. You can also take the help of a gym instructor. In the chest workout routine one can do the exercises that are helpful for this workout. A beginner should try all the exercises in this category.

Different Types Of Chest Workout Routine In Exercise

Today everyone is very concern about their health. For the mental peace and tension free life, exercise is the best medicine for him or her. But mostly a beginner starts with the chest workout routine in the gyms. There are various types of chest workout is presents in the gym.

1. Push-Ups:

A beginner should starts with some warm-up exercises before doing the pushups. These warm-up exercises will help to free the body and mind of him or her. After that, they can start this exercise. It is a very simple looking exercise but takes lots of time to do the accurate or perfect it.at first, take a mat on the floor and then try to balance yourself with the hands and legs to hold your body a little distance above from the floor. Your arms should be straight to your shoulder. Then bend your elbows with the floor. And hold this position for at least 30 seconds. One thing you have to keep in mind that your hips and shoulders have to inline. Don’t drop your hips and try to be straight in position. After a few days, then increase your time to hold your body. This is one of the best chest workouts we have.

2. Cable Chest Press:

First of all, take a cable machine then stand straight and look away from the machine. Then hold the handles and pull it close to your chest. Made a little distance between your legs and take a leg forward and the other one in the back place. Then bend your leg a little while, to pull the cable straight to your chest. Do not pull it so hard that it can give you a heavy pain your shoulders. Slowly and steadily try to do this exercise fast as you can. Pull the cables as first as you can but you have to remember not to do it too fast that it can give you a serious pain in your shoulders.

3. Medicine Ball Chest Throw:

This is also the best chest exercise for our daily routine. It can also be considered as of lower chest workout. For a new beginner, he can start with this exercise. At first, kneeling down and make a position facing to the wall or get a partner. Then hold the medicine ball very tightly with your hands and try to throw it towards the wall or to your partner with all the efforts. This exercise will help you to increase the power and speed of your hands. This exercise is for the entire upper body which not only for the chest but also for the abdominals to all body’s strength. These three exercises are best for the chest workout. There are a few other exercises which are also very helpful exercises like the dumbbell workout, cable crossover, barbell bench press, etc.

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