Best Morning Workout Routine For All

Morning is the best time for exercise. In the morning we feel very energetic. Most people prefer the morning to all the exercises. In our busy life people who don’t have much time in their hands, they choose the morning for the workout. Every day you just need 45 minutes or 1 hour for the exercise in the morning. There are lots of ways we have for the best morning workout. In the morning people are going for the morning walk or some are going to the gym. For them, their health is very important and they want to keep away the pressures of life. Workout helps to decrease all the mental pressure also. For the best morning workout routine, one can also seek the help of a gym instructor or can do yoga in the house.

A Perfect Morning Workout Routine For A New Beginner

Morning workout before the breakfast can help you to reduce the extra fat in your body. For a new beginner, he or she can start their morning workout routine in the early morning. This morning workout will help you to lose the bodyweight also. To engage in this morning workout routine, one should start with little movements that will give you the best result.

1. Morning Walk:

Walking in the morning is the best thing. You can start your day with the early walk in the morning. This workout helps to reduce the body fats and weights of your body. This morning walk workout is the most preferable workout for the people. You can go for 45 minutes of walk in the morning or run in the playgrounds.

2. Hollow Body Hold:

Lie down on the mat; keep your hands beside your body. Then lift your shoulders and legs from the floor a little high. Look towards the ceiling and engage your abs. Throughout the exercise, your lower back should press the floor mat. Hold this position as much as you can or at least for 30 seconds in the beginning, then try to increase the time with every day.

3. Single-Leg Glute Bridge:

Lie down on the floor mat, then bent your right leg on the floor. Your right leg will be on the mat and the left leg has to extend straight to the air. After that press the right knee on the floor and lift your body a little high from the mat. Remember that your shoulders and feet will always maintain a straight line.

4. Reverse Oblique Crunch:

Sit down on the mat, extend your legs in front of you. Lean back yourself slightly and you have to keep your hands behind you. Then hold your position with your fingertips and try to lift your legs 2 or 3 inches from the floor. Keeping your core tight and shift your whole body weight on your hip. Then bend your knees and twist your waist to bring the knees towards your chest. Don’t drop your legs on the ground and try to extend back out.

5. Plank With Knee Tap:

For doing this exercise, you have to start with a high plank position. Your hands will be under your shoulder and the hips and the shoulders of you will be in one line. Bring your left hand to tap your right knee without shifting your body weight. Then do this work out in the same manner with the other hand to tap the knee of you.

6. Double Leg Lift:

Face up and down on the ground. Keep your hands down beside your body. Then lift your legs toward your ceiling as it takes a 90-degree angle. Your core should be very tight and press your lower back to lift your legs. Don’t drop your legs when you are doing this exercise. It is one of the best morning workout exercises for all the people. Then lower down your legs as much as you can to the mat.

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