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Simple Tips to Control Stress in Your Daily Life

One of the prominent factors for unhealthy relationships (and for many divorces? in recent times is stress. Surprised? Yes, it is true. In layman terms, stress is best described as a response when you are not able to meet the demands of your family members or your office colleagues. Stress is not harmful, but too much negative thoughts during the process can lead to self-destruction. In this article, we deal on the simple tips to control stress in your daily life.

When Can Stress Cause Harm?

When you lose the ability to cope with the negative feelings that arise in the mind because of stress, that is when you have to take notice. Also, the stress levels vary for different people. You might find a task which is very easy to complete, but the same job can be difficult for another individual. So, you need to recognize not only the trigger factors but also the tasks which make you get stress.

There are two types of stressful situations.
In the first type, you get stress (known as acute stressors) in short duration. There are times, when you have to complete a certain chapter in the study, file the taxes before the due date and more. These are simple stress factors you can handle on your own. After the task gets completed, you regain your mental and physical balance.

It is the second type of stress which is harmful. Known as chronic stressors, they can affect both your mental state and physical health. These stress situations can wear you down. In the long term, you can fall sick because your immune system has got compromised.

Let us see the simple tips to control stress in your daily life.

  • If we ask you the major reason for a working individual’s stress factor, it will be mainly related to financial independence. Lack of money, rising economy prices can lead to bank loans, debit and credit card payments. In all parts of the world, stress due to financial constraints top the list. So what is the solution? Meet an investor expert with your spouse and plan accordingly. Stick to the rules. By the time, you reach the retirement age, you have saved enough money to live life peacefully.
  • A day has 24 hours. Out of them, you spend eight hours in the office and two hours during commuting. So, ten hours are lost. So, if you do not have a positive office environment, then you can get stress. It may be because of not fulfilling the expectations of the members of your team, working for more hours and many more. There is a saying – people do not resign from companies but from people. Try to check if you can make the atmosphere more positive. Check your faults, have a talk with your team leader. If nothing works, then move on.
  • Do you have court cases regarding your property? Then it can cause unnecessary tension among your blood relations. In a similar situation, opt for an out-of-court settlement. Calculate the amount you spend on the property. Is it less than fifty percent of its original worth? Then fight the legal case. If it is more than 75 percent, it is better to withdraw, but only after getting the approval from your family members.
  • Health-related issues. If you are disabled, have a health problem due to immobility, unable to do your own daily tasks, then these situations can induce stress levels in your mind. Talk with a family member and inform them of your problems. They will help or make arrangements so that you can live in peace.

What Are The Other Tips?

A healthy body and mind can combat stress. Rarely does a fitness enthusiast suffer from stress symptoms? So, exercise is one of the best ways to beat stress. Regular physical activity can minimize the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone. In turn, your body releases the good feel hormones, endorphins.

Practice Relaxation Techniques – You need time to look after yourself. Indulge yourself in relaxation techniques such as meditation, or deep breathing techniques. There are also other activities such as participating in a cultural event or doing yoga poses.

Diet – One of the important factors for human survival. You need a balanced diet to stay healthy. Do not skip breakfast or lunch. Eat at regular intervals to give your body its requirement of energy.

Argument – In an argument, nobody wins, everybody is a loser. Always remember this Zen proverb. Do you have a colleague who is responsible for the trigger factor? Then reduce the discussions with him/her.

Sleep – After a hard day’s work, your body cries for rest. And you can give it easily in the form of sleep. But if you deprive it, and work late till the next morning hours, then the body does not get rest. In turn, you get angry and can face from behavioral problems such as mood swings.

Prioritize – You may have many jobs in hand but prioritize. Keep an eye on technology developments. You can get free mobile apps installed on your mobile to complete complex tasks. Change yourself as per the recent trend in technology. For example, you reside in Bangalore and use a bike to commute to the office. Now, the vehicle needs maintenance. You do not have time on the weekends. So how to solve this problem. For a simple solution, you can download the app of home maintenance companies which have qualified best mechanics in Bangalore on their payrolls. You can hire the best mechanic within four minutes. You can fix the service part with ease by this method instead of searching for referrals or searching on listing websites.


The article on simple tips to control stress in your daily life focuses not only on the problems but also the solution. Keep visiting our website for getting more updates on health.

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