Best Chest Workouts For All The Women

In the house, the female members of the family have to take care of each and every member of that family. They have many works to do in the home. Most of the times they neglect to take care of themselves. But they also need to take proper care of themselves. If they will be not fit and well, it would be very difficult for her to handle all the household affairs and other members of the family. There are lots of exercises they can do within the house. The best exercise is for them to go for one hour of walk in the morning. Instead of the walk there are many other exercises that they can do. They are upper chest workout, lower chest workout, belly workout, and back workout, etc. The best chest workouts for women are here in brief.

Few Chest Workouts For Women

Today everyone needs to take care of their health. Health is recognized as an asset in our life. There are many workouts for every part of our body. The best chest workouts for women are inner chest fly, chest fly, chest press, bridge chest press, tabletop chest press, triangle pushup many more. One can do any of the exercises of her choice.

1. Chest Press:

Firstly take a mat, placed it on the floor then lie down on your back to the floor. Your knees should be bent and feet will be flat on the ground. After that, you also need two dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells in each hand and stretched your hands upwards. Slowly and steadily try to lift them and again back to the earlier position as your elbows can touch the ground.

2. Chest Fly:

One of the best chest workouts for women is chest fly. This exercise helps to tighten the arm muscles and heals the pain of the shoulder. For this exercise, you just have to lie down on the floor and keep your face your knees bent on the ground. Then grip the dumbbell in your hands. After that extend your arms upwards and downwards.

3. Inner Chest Press:

Lie down on your back, then bent your knees on the floor, placed your feet on the ground. Take the dumbbells in each hand and try to push them towards the sky. You should remember that your shoulder and elbows will be parallel to each other.

4. Bridge With Chest Press:

This is one of the best chest workouts for women also. For this exercise, you have to lift your hips up and your shoulders & knees will be straight to your body. Take the dumbbells and stretched your hands upwards. Try to do as many reps as possible for you in the 50 seconds. Then rests for 15 seconds and do this exercise again.

5. Tabletop Chest Press:

Lie down on your back on the ground. Take a chair and placed your legs on the chair or set a 90-degree angle. Your body will be flat on the floor. Then tightly holds the dumbbells with you and lift them upwards. In this exercise, you have to keep in mind that your body should be parallel with your elbows and knees. This tabletop chest press exercise is also the best chest workout.

6. Wide Pushup:

At first, placed your hands on the ground. After that slightly wider your shoulder on the ground, extend your legs in your back. Your body should be in one line from head to knee. Keep your core tight and bend the elbows to touch the floor and also for lowering your body. The wide pushup is the best option for all women for the chest workout.

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