Dumbbell Workout Routine For A New Beginner

Today everyone wants to make a good body. The gym is becomes a new craze for the boys to be fit and get a perfect body. With the help of exercise, it is also possible to lead a tension free and peaceful life. But if you want to have a good physics you will also have to follow a proper healthy diet chat. For the boys, this exercise is very important to grow their muscles. The dumbbell workout routine is a part of everyday exercise routine for all the boys now.  Girls can also try this exercise to reduce the extra fat in their arms and lower shoulder. This exercise is very essential for those who want to make a body as soon as possible with the help of some other exercises.

Few Best Dumbbell Exercises For Boys

There is a long list of this exercise specially. Different types of dumbbell exercises are in the gym provided by the gym instructor. But if you don’t want to go to the gym, and then you just need to buy a pair of dumbbells for exercise in your home. This dumbbell workout routine is very famous among all the gym instructors. Here are a few dumbbell workouts which are very effective and provided the best results.

1. Goblet Squat:

At first, stand on the floor and make a little gap between your two legs and hold the dumbbell with your hand tightly. The gap will be wider than your shoulder to do this exercise. Take the dumbbells unto your chest and then you just you have to sit and stand and again repeat this. Make the position into the squat mode to complete the exercise.

2. Bent-Over Row:

For this dumbbell workout, you need to make a V-shape of your body. Then keep the core and the back straight. Then lift the dumbbells up to your chest and lower it down and again repeat this same thing. As you row the weights it will increase the upper body like biceps, traps, etc.

3. Two Arms Dumbbell Workout:

Lower the dumbbells towards your feet and go through your waist with your dumbbells and then return again to the first position. This exercise prevents lower back pains. It is also one of the best chest workouts.

4. One Arm Swing:

For this exercise, you will have to hold the dumbbell with one hand very tightly first. After that make a squat position and swing the dumbbell through your legs. Make sure your legs are straight and take the dumbbell up to your head. After finishing it with one hand try this exercise with another hand. It is also considered as the best dumbbell workout exercise.

5. Bench Press:

For this exercise, you need a bench then lay down on it. Your legs will be on the ground tightly. After that take the dumbbells with your hand and pushes it towards the sky and then put it down. This exercise will help you to have bigger muscles.

6. Cross Body Hammer Curl:

Firstly stand straight on the floor. Then take the dumbbells up and also lift the weight curl crossly with the right hand and to the opposite shoulder. Likewise, do this exercise with the left hand with the opposite shoulder. It will help you to increase the muscle power of both the hands.

7. Step-Ups:

For this exercise, you need a soft platform. Then hold the dumbbells with your hands tightly and step up on the platform with one leg and then step down. Again try this exercise with the other leg. This exercise helps to build flexible hips and knees. It will also increase the strength of every leg. It is one of the best-known dumbbell workouts also.

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