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Circuit Training for Combat Athletes

Circuit training gets the fighters & combatants bigger, stronger & leaner if done correctly. The type of exercise, tempo & rest intervals play the role of key parameters. Circuit training is indeed one of the best ways of getting lean & strong especially for combat sports like MMA and boxing. With the well-designed and well-structured circuit training, you might be able to attain a Holy Grail of the ultimate physique transformation – that is increased strength & muscle mass with reduced body fat. Plus, they play a key role in giving you a perfectly shaped athletic body.

Your major concern might not be seeing the well-defined abs, but benefits such as losing fat and going far beyond the aesthetics. Regulated levels of fat in the body are associated with elevated VO2 max & decreased injury incidence, along with an improved strength-to-weight ratio, that correlates with your athletic success.

Combining the correct workout & their execution starts by incorporating compound movements done at the medium pace of slow tempo in a way that your neurologically challenging moves, become less challenging. It makes you continue your circuit while maintaining a good technique with lesser fatigue. Ballistic & power exercises are done mostly in the circuits.

Program Details:

Following circuit training is designed for an MMA artist or any advanced combatant. Who’s seeking to get bigger stronger while working on his conditioning. Make sure you take a second pose before bursting into another exercise.

Week 1

Monday: Workout 1

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Workout 2

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Workout 1

Saturday: rest day

Week 2

Monday: Workout 2

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Workout 1

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Workout #2

Saturday: Rest Day

Week 3: repeat the circle

Workout 1:

1) Deadlift (sets 3 to 4, reps 6-8, tempo 31 x1, rest break 10s)
After getting in your MMA shorts, start this exercise by standing with the mid-foot placed under the barbell. Then bend over & grab the barbell with the shoulder-width grip. After that, bend both of your knees till your shins are just above the bar. Then try lifting the bar to your chest level while straightening the lower back. After that take a deep breath, try holding it & stand up with weights.
2) Chest Dip (sets 3 to 4, reps 6-8, tempo 31 x1, rest break 10s)
After performing the first exercise of the circuit, take the second rest break then, go grab the parallel bars & jump up, straighten both of the arms. Then lower the body by bending the arms while you lean forward. Then dip down till the shoulders come below the elbows. Lift your whole body by straightening the arms. After that, lock the elbows at the top.
3) Pull-Up (sets 3 to 4, reps 6-8, tempo 21 x0, rest break 10s)
Start this exercise by standing directly under a pull-up bar. Then place the hands in the overhand grip, with the hands opened at your shoulder distance apart. Once you get your hands on the pull-up bar it’s the starting position. Inhale deeply, then exhale. After that, lift the feet up and leave your body hanging with the bar. Engage the core by pulling the belly in toward the back of your spine. After that pull the shoulders back & down. Avoid swinging the legs around to ensure that your shoulder blades stay back. At the top of this exercise, inhale deeply. Extend the elbows & lower the body back to the position from where you started.
4) Drop Lunge (sets 2 to 3, reps 6-8, tempo 20 x1, rest break 10s)
Start this exercise by standing on your feet placed directly underneath the hips, with the knees bent slightly while holding glutes & abs tight. Do a jump to bring the left foot at the front of your right foot, then bend the left leg to drop the right knee closer to the floor. Take another jump for return to the starting position. Then switch & perform the exercise with the other leg. Keep on alternating your legs until you have performed the desired number of reps.
5) One-Arm Dumbbell Row (sets 2 to 3, reps 6-8, tempo 21×0, rest break 10s)
Take a bench to lean on while you are performing this exercise. Then place the dumbbell on the ground aside. After that, put the left leg on the bench, try grabbing your far side by using the left hand, bend so the upper body becomes parallel to the ground. Then reach down & try picking up a dumbbell by using your right hand with the neutral grip. Then bring the dumbbell closer to your chest engaging your back and arm muscles. Make sure you keep the chest still at the top of your moment. Then lower the dumbbell till the arms are extended fully.
6) Neck Extension (sets 4 to 6, reps 6-8, tempo 1020, rest break 10s)
Start this exercise by sitting, standing, or lying on the ground with your arms stretched at your side. Then push both of your shoulders down. After that tuck your chin into your chest. Then extend your head back slightly and elevate your chin closer to the ceiling, by keeping both of your arms down back.

Workout 2

1) Squat with ankle extension (sets 3 to 4, reps 6-8, tempo 30×0, rest break 10s)
Make sure you have a string and a deep base. Plant your feet firmly on the ground by placing them shoulder-distance apart. Then do a deep squat as if you are sitting on a chair. The ankles, knees & hips should bend in unison while keeping the spine straight. Your trunk & pelvis should stay neutral & aligned. Both of your knees must align with the feet. Then push through the feet with the whole weight centered on the ankles.
2) Low Incline Dumbbell Press (sets 3 to 4, reps 6-8, tempo 21×1, rest break 10s)
Sit on a bench & lean your back. Hold the dumbbell, with your hands positioned on your shoulders, your elbows bent & angled down below the ribs. Relax the neck against the bench. Brace the core while pressing dumbbells straight up closer to your chest. Make sure you keep the wrists straight, lookout as the dumbbells should almost touch each other. After that, reverse the moment and inhale.
3) Supine Dumbbell Triceps Extension (sets 3 to 4, reps 6-8, tempo 20×1, rest break 10s)
Start this exercise by lying flat on the bench with the head at one end & both of your feet planted firmly on the floor. Then grab a dumbbell in each of your hands & raise them at your arm’s length over the shoulders. After that lower the dumbbells in the arc position by bending the elbows till the forearms touch the biceps. After that, return to the position from where you started.
4) Push-Up (sets 3 to 4, reps 6-8, 1020, rest break 10s)
Start this exercise by getting down on your fours, place the hands at a more distance than the shoulders. Then straighten the arms & legs. After that start lowering the body till your chest is about to touch the floor. Hold yourself in the moment and repeat the exercise.
5) Kettlebell Swing (sets 3 to 4, reps 6-8, tempo 10×0, rest break 10s)
Start with placing a kettlebell on the ground at your front in between your feet. opened hip distance apart. Then bend slightly at your knee level, then grasp the kettlebell & pull it back in between the legs for creating the momentum. Driving the hips closer & straighten the back for sending the kettlebell at your shoulder height.
6) Cable Pull-Through (sets 3 to 4, reps 6-8, tempo 2020, rest break 60s)

Stand with your back facing the machine. Holding the handle between the legs, & arms down. Take a step apart from the machine without letting the weight rest back. Then adjust the balance and stand strong with the feet planted firmly on the ground. Hinge at your hips, while pushing them closer to the machine. Hold this moment while driving the glutes & engaging your core.

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