5 Natural Treatments to Treat Newborn Jaundice


Parenthood comes with different challenges. From keeping an eye on the dietary habits of children to ensuring a hygienic environment, you try to ensure that everything favours their optimal health. But your child still gets sick.

Children Health- Biggest Parenthood Challenge

I know it’s worrisome for you but many things can help you to assure the good health of your children. As a parent, you are worried about what’s wrong with your child in general. It could be anything from their genetics to their sleep quality.

Just like adults or older children, toddlers also suffer from many health problems. One of the most common health problems in newborns is jaundice, according to the best child specialist in Lahore.

Newborn Jaundice- What the Hype is About?

Jaundice occurs due to the accumulation of bilirubin that is produced by the breakdown of normal blood cells.

There could be many possible causes of newborn jaundice. Babies who are born premature, have liver health problems and the ones who didn’t get enough breast milk are more likely to suffer from newborn jaundice. Moreover, children race, blood type and race also act as the risk for newborn jaundice.

Some of the most common indicators of newborn jaundice include the yellow coloured body skin, high pitched crying, poor health status, listlessness. The primary cause of newborn jaundice is the accumulation of bilirubin in the body.

Natural Remedies for Newborn Jaundice

Don’t worry, many things can help you to deal with newborn jaundice. Here are some of the pretty helpful tips.

1- Increase the breastfeeding frequency

A child who didn’t get enough nourishment either from breastmilk or formula milk is more likely to suffer from newborn jaundice. So, one of the best ways to deal with this is breastfeeding your child more often. Not only this, but breastfeeding mothers should also consume healthy foods or foods that increase the production of milk. If your child doesn’t feed properly then it is advisable to visit a doctor to help you with the problem.

2- Don’t skip their massage

Massaging children is a common practice and it is not only helpful in having healthy skin but also can help a baby with jaundice. If your child is suffering from the problem then it is important to give them regular body massages. Doing this can help their digestive mechanism. An efficient system will eliminate the bilirubin from the body and treat jaundice.

3- Ensure regular basking

Sunlight exposure or phototherapy offers many health benefits, especially for newborns. One of the basking benefits includes jaundice treatment by the removal of bilirubin from the children’s blood. Jaundice is mainly caused by the accumulation of bilirubin in the body. While basking your child, make sure to avoid direct sunlight exposure to avoid sunburn or other skin damages. Further, applying mild sunscreen can also be a good idea to prevent sunlight damage.

4- Infant formula milk might help you

Another thing that might help your child with jaundice is the use of formula milk. A child suffering from jaundice has a different nutritional requirement than a healthy child. So, alongside giving them break milk, the use of formula milk or other supplements can be a great help.

5- Immunoglobulin transfer

One of the causes of newborn jaundice can be a different child blood group than mother. In this case, the mother’s blood group antigen tends to induce an immune response that results in the breakdown of a child’s blood cell.

To deal with this kind of jaundice, it is recommended to have an intravenous immunoglobulin transfer for your child. These immunoglobulins will reduce the level of antibodies that are produced as a reaction to the mother’s blood antigen hence, limiting the damage to the child’s blood.

Bottom Line!

Newborn jaundice is a common infant’s health problem and this can turn drastic if not treated timely. Talking about the consequences, newborn jaundice can lead to brain damage alongside other symptoms. It is quite easy to diagnose newborn jaundice due to the clear signs and symptoms.

Bilirubin is the compound that is produced after the breakdown of old red blood cells and in the case of newborn jaundice the body is unable to eliminate it. However, all the above-mentioned tips can surely help with the treatment of newborn jaundice and in case of any confusion, it is always advisable to visit your paediatrician.


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