Benefit Of Drinking Celery Juice On Empty Stomach

Nowadays it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without a healthy life, we never lead a life, which are diseases free. We will become weak and our body will not get the energy to work properly. Hence, it is necessary to maintain a healthy routine. Today there are so many things that are available that give our health nutrition whether it is a drink or foods. Thus, celery juice becomes very popular. This drink comes with numerous health benefits. Drinking celery juice on empty stomach creates a good impact on health.

People like this health drink just because of its lots of advantages. Those who do not know about this drink, I would like to tell you all that it is vegetables that are easily obtainable, in the market. It looks like leaves. If you want to prepare the juice of it then at first you have to buy this leave and then have to grind in the grinder. Though this drink has not any particular flavor, therefore you can add cucumber, apple, or other fruits in the juice just to increase the taste of it.

How To Make This Juice

This is a very easy recipe to prepare in the house. If you want to get all the advantages of celery diet then you can make it in home rather to buy from the shops. Hardly this drink takes 15 to 20 minutes to prepare.

At first, one has to purchase celery leaves from the marketplace. Make sure all the leaves are fresh and light green. Do not take the yellow ones because it has low nutrition. The green are the best to get all the benefits. However, celery juice benefits are endless. After buying it, wash the leaves very well and then cut into pieces and put all those pieces into the grinder.

Within the two and three minutes, this healthy juice will prepare. Later, one can store it in the fridge to keep for several days and drink celery juice on empty stomach every day.

How To Choose Celery

Whenever you will go to the market to buy this leaves, there you will notices various celery leaves but not all those leaves are fresh and healthy. The pale and light green leaves are much better than any other celery leaves. Sometimes we see black marks on the celery but those are not so good.

If we drink this juice then we will get all celery juice nutrition. It will help us to cure all the health related issues and lower then down. Hence, always try to choose fresh leaves to make juice of it and drink it. Today, many people around the world quite like this health drink because of the numerous benefits and nutrition properties.

Nutritional List Of Celery Juice

If one drinks the celery, juice a 100 g then he or she will get the nutrition like

Sugar 1.34g

Fiber 1.6g

Water 95.43g

Protein 0.69g

Calcium 40g

Energy 14 kcal

Carbohydrate 2.97g

Potassium 260g

If you regularly drink this juice then you will get these nutrition properties daily. The health benefits of celery juice, is seen within a few days in your body too. If you drink this healthy juice without missed out any of the day then you will succeed to receive it all.

Celery Juice On Empty Stomach

Now I will discuss with all of you about the celery juice on empty stomach in detail. Let us have a fast look on this topic without wasting much of the time.

We all have a question in our mind that often bother many of us, is celery good for you or not? Then I would like to inform you all that are fully good for our heath and adjustable with our bodies. There will be no side effects of this juice if he or she has not any allergies.

Now I will inform you all about the advantages of drink this juice in the morning every day and health benefits of celery.

1. Treat Asthma

People, who are suffering from asthma problem, can drink this healthy juice regular to decrease the problem. It treats it deeply from the route and cures the trouble. Hence, it is very good for our health.

2. Reduce Weight

Now days, there are so many boys and girls who are having over weight problem and want to decrease their body weight so that they can wear their desired dresses. Thus, this celery juice is an ideal option for them to lose weight naturally. It deeply clean the extra body fat from the body and prevent the bad fats to store in the body. Even it helps to burn the calories from the body and works as detoxified health drink.

3. Decrease Cancer Disease

Everyday drinking of celery juice can lower the risk of cancer disease. Every year there are so many people are dies from the cancer disease. Hence, if you start drinking this celery juice on daily basis then you can able to reduce the risk.

4. Good For Diabetic Patients

People having with diabetes should drink this juice. It will help them to lower down the sugar level. It will offer you a good and balanced level of sugar as well as safe. Hence, we all can drink this healthy juice as well as those who are having high sugar level.

5. Digest Well

This drink betters our digest system. If our digest system will not be okay then there one will notice many health problems and even the problem of constipation. Therefore, try at least to drink one glass of this juice daily.

6. Lower Blood Pressure

The celery juice decreases the high blood pressure also. As we, all know more or less about the benefits of this juice and hence, it is one of the benefits. It offers to all the people who drink it.


Thus, one will receive all these advantages if he or she will drink this juice everyday on empty stomach. So, begin you days with this juice.

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