How To Choose The Top Orthopaedic Surgeons For Knee Replacement Surgery?

It is a big decision to say “YES” to knee replacement surgery. But the more significant challenge is to find the best hospital to undergo knee replacement surgery in Kalyan.

When you search the Internet or ask your friends and neighbors; you get a long list of hospitals and orthopedic surgeons.

Of course, you need a qualified and experienced surgeon to perform the knee replacement procedure. However, it requires efforts to search and choose the best of them.

Are there any key points that can help? Yes, read the blog to get some important insights about picking the right surgeon.

Ask others

The very first thing you should do is to make a list of potential surgeons in the town. You should be vocal in asking your friends, colleagues, or relatives about it. Don’t feel shy or hesitated.

You should not forget another vital source of information-the Internet. Find some time to browse the websites of various knee replacement centers in the city.

You need to take notes and write down the strengths, limitations, and infrastructure details of the hospital. It will help in making the decision.

A well-known orthopedic surgeon Dr. Shailendra Patil Mulund; homework is essential when you compare different hospitals. Your notes become the main source of information.

Nowadays, you get a patient satisfaction rating, which gives insight into what people think about the doctor? Based on their rating and recommendation, you can choose a doctor.

Experience and research credentials

When you plan the Knee Replacement Surgery in Vikhroli, it is essential to give preference to a doctor who is board-certified in orthopedic surgery. Also, he should have performed a sizeable number of knee replacement surgeries.

The more experienced and seasoned doctor he is, the better the results are likely to be.

Seasoned surgeons such as Dr. Shailendra Patil Vashi perform all types of orthopedic surgeries with the specialization in knee replacement. He investigates the case and check every possible loophole and plug it.

It results in highly productive operations that bring back the mobility of the patient and make his life back to normal.

Check the infrastructure of the hospital

What is the fundamental requirement for a successful knee replacement surgery? It should be performed by the most proficient doctor in the town. But there is another thing, the hospital facilities, and infrastructure.

Hence, you should not book a hospital without knowing about the infrastructure while undergoing knee replacement surgery in Kalyan.

Nowadays, the task of comparing hospital infrastructure becomes simple with the emergence of the Internet. There are websites where you can find the evaluation of hospitals based on their mortality and complication rates.

The ideal way is to find a hospital in the vicinity that performs surgeries with five-star ratings. The doctors who perform surgeries there should be top-rated.

You should avoid hospitals that have ratings below three-star.

Meet the doctor in person if possible

It is easier said than done. However, you must meet the doctor before operates. It is important for establishing a personal rapport.

Surgery is not about the numbers only. It is also significant how frequently does the doctor perform the operations. Medical science is always evolving. Every day there is some new procedure or change in the procedure.

In India, medical governing bodies expect medical professionals to adhere to strict licenses. It is to ensure the quality of treatment.

Regular medical training is an ongoing thing. The doctors need to attend seminars, workshops, and orientation programs to refresh and update their skills. All these programs are monitored by the medical council.

Hence, the doctor has to remain updated.

When you meet the doctor for knee replacement surgery in Kalyan, you know the doctor well.

Check the insurance coverage

When you claim to the insurance company, they shouldn’t reject it because the hospital is not listed with the company.

In order to receive the maximum insurance benefits and paying the least out-of-pocket, you must choose a hospital that participates in the plan.

But you must not compromise on the expertise and experience of the doctor.

Communication Style

The work of an orthopedic surgeon is very much complex. He runs through a hectic surgery schedule. Therefore, it becomes difficult at times, to devote time to making the patients at ease with the procedure.

However, a good surgeon always tries to explain the patient about the surgery as much as possible. The doctor you choose must have a good communication style. He should tell everything about the procedure precisely and comprehensively.

It is essential that you feel at ease with the doctor. All your queries should be answered, and apprehensions addressed. The concepts should be explained until you understand.

By following the tips mentioned here, one can reach the most suitable place to carry out a successful Knee Replacement Surgery in Vikhroli.


Dr.Shailendra Patil is the experinced orthopedic surgeon and running his bone and joint center.


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