Lip Filler Swelling Stages: What Is It & What To Expect?

Lip Filler Swelling Stages

Everyone wants to look gorgeous. Therefore, people become more conscious of their looks and appearances. Different types of cosmetic products and their using procedures started already. In fact, the cosmetic industry going high. In addition, for the last couple of years, whitening teeth, toning facials, and lip filler swelling stages are becoming more and more popular.

Per health experts, these types of lip or facial fillers are a standard part of dermal care. These types of fillers have majorly come under various cosmetic procedures. A report published in the United States that 2.7 million dermal filler surgeries happened only in the US in 2017.

If you are one of those who want to do lip filler surgeries, to look more beautiful, wait for a minute and read this article. Here we will provide all information about lip filler surgeries. It might change your conception of dermal filler surgeries.

What Are Lip Filler Surgeries?

A small injection fill with a little amount of hyaluronic acid pushes into the lips. That enhances your smile. This makes lips softer and perfect for kissing. However, hyaluronic acid is a completely natural chemical, it does not harm lips. Moreover, it is a safe and usable chemical. But there are a few side effects to the lip for injection.

When the lip filler swelling stages process is completed by medical staff or experts, it gives you the best result. The experts love to give back your hidden smile on your face.

Work Procedure Of A Lip Filler?

Lip Filler is a cosmetic medical procedure. Moreover, it is an injection process that similar to Botox or Dysport. In the process of lip filler or other types of dermal filler, experts do not push any neuromodulating agent that sterilizes the radical muscle. The agent injected the right way into the concerned area.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Calcium Hydroxylapatite(CaHA) are two major components that are used in the time of dermal fillers or especially lip filler swelling stages. Both ingredients are found in our bodies. Therefore, it has little chance of getting any adverse side effects.

Why Does Swelling Happen?

Swelling happened after the procedure due to soft tissue fillers. If your lip appears to swell or sore, that is very much unattractable. After treatment, many people are seriously anxious about that. However, it is a normal thing to happen to you after such a careful surgery.

Mowing surgeries that connect with soft tissue are physical trauma. In the case of lip filler, natural ingredients push with water under the skin. Therefore, there is swell, and lumps are found. The lip filler injection causes bleeding inside your skin. That’s why swelling happened.

However, the swelling is normal. In fact, it is an integral part of the surgery. You won’t be overly concerned about it. If there are any unnatural effects apart from swelling, inflammation, and bruises, you can contact the doctor.

Lip FIller Swelling timeline-

There is not any bad side to looking beautiful. Here is the timeline of the lip filler swelling process.

Day 0 (The Treatment Day) –

As it is the treatment day, the surgery will occur. Therefore, swelling will definitely happen. Moreover, there may be uneven swelling found. As it is the first day of your treatment, don’t take it seriously. When the inflammation of the surgery will cure, the lip filler swelling stages of treatment will start.

Day – 1 (After The treatment Day)-

The inflammation might occur the first morning after the surgery. Moreover, you are on the bank of getting cold bruises due to these lip filler surgeries. Maybe you may get that sore one or two days after treatment day. And also this time, your upper lip looks bigger than the lower lips.

Due to lip inflammation, you might face a problem with drinking or eating. However, all these problems are temporary. It quickly comes back to normal. However, you can consult with your lip surgent if it goes very seriously.

Moreover, these times, you might feel deeply worried about your lips. As the lips will continue to give high inflammation. Therefore, you became very impatient. However, it is not right, your lips will get better as the day passed.

Day – 2 (two days after the lip filler treatment)-

After the two days of the lip filler swelling stages, the inflammation of the lip will gradually slow down. Moreover, it will begin to improve in the next couple of days. And there might be some bruises or lumps on the treatment area.

But don’t be over-conscious about it. The leftover inflammation and bruises will be cured in under one week. And your lip will be better in the next few days. However, also keep the contact with the doctor for better medical advice.

Day 4 –

After the treatment 4 days passed. Therefore, the patient might feel the difference after and before the treatment. They might feel the development of lip inflammation. And the upper lips gradually come to normal shape. You will not find so much difficulty in eating or drinking as previously. And on the lips, you will find a touch of softness.

1 Week Later

After 1 week lip filler swelling stages, there is the most chance that the swelling disappears. However, the swelling might stay. It is not a big deal. In some cases, the swelling stayed for 2 weeks.

However, you can feel the lip differently. As it started to become normal. In fact, pain and swelling can be controlled with some homemade treatment. And we will discuss this later in the article on the healing process 1 week lip filler swelling stages.

After 4 Weeks-

After 1 month, the lips settle perfectly. There is no swelling, no inflammation, and no pain. You can discuss this with the doctor if there is not any progress.

Does Lip Filler Hurt?

Any kind of medical treatment that involves needles will give the patient a little bit of pain. It is normal. People worried about it too much. They thought that the procedure was wrong. If the person is less tolerant he or she gets anxiety.

Do Lip Filler injections damage Our Lips?

No, it is not. If you doing lip filler swelling stages with any expert, it will not damage your lips. It contains natural ingredients Hyaluronic Acid. moreover, it is easily suited to our body and does not do any serious side effects.

What Is the Advantage of doing Lip Filler?

Doing a lip filler is a common thing right now. However, we have to know why lip filler has to do. Most people do it because wrinkle free lips. But, there is also some cosmetic found in the market that easily makes your lip shrunken-free. But why do we have to do this? We made some points below. That are the advantages of a lip filler treatment.

  • As the lip filler agent is natural, it does not give any side effects.
  • The lips look very natural.
  • The lips have no sign of age.
  • There is no wrinkle on the lips.
  • It can be repeated again and again.
  • Alternative to another lip treatment, lip implants.

How To Reduce Swelling?

After lip filler, swelling is a common part. So, don’t be serious about it. However, we make a list for you that helps you from healing lip filler swelling stages.

●    Icing Treatment-

Apply ice to the treatment area immediately after surgery can reduce your burden. It is the best way to immediately try ice after treatment. You can make an ice pad and use it on the road returning from the clinic.

●    Cold & Hot Effects-

Continuous use of hot and cold can also be a very good treatment. Using a hot and cold for 10-20 minutes can compress your swelling.

●    Keep Away From Steam Bath-

If you continue to shower in warm water, it is our advice to give up it for some days. After the inflammation reduce you can come back to your usual habit. Up to then, keep away from hot water and the environment.

●    Keep Arnica and Bromelain-

Arnica is an herbal medicine that is popular for its sounding effect on inflammation and swelling. You can use a little amount of it with water. Moreover, you can use it as a preventative measure. Without any inflammation, you can also use it.

●     Be Nice With You-

You need to take a rest after the medical surgery. You should be more patient with yourself. As much you will hyper and walk around, your inflammation will get worse. Therefore after the lip filler swelling stages take some relaxing days off.

How Long Lip Filler Can Last?

It will depend on the type of agent and the amount of lip filing agent you intake. Moreover, it also depends on the lip size shape, and metabolism. However, in general, a lip filler lasts around for about 6-12 months.


We wrote full details of the lip filler swelling stages. You should learn the pros and cons of the process. And, moreover, you should consult with your physician the right way. However, before taking any decisions, learn all about the treatment.


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